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Master Your Chinese

30 minute private online lessons
with professional tutors

Why Panpan Chinese?

The fastest way to speak Chinese

Quick, Fun and Easy

Learn Chinese in 3 simple steps



Practice Chinese with Videos

Learn new expressions from popular Chinese media.
Practice your speaking skills anytime anywhere.



1:1 Private Lessons

Practice your Chinese with our
native tutors and get real-time feedback.



Review Lessons

Listen to lesson recordings and review with
recommendations for improving after each lesson.


Anytime Anywhere

Lessons available 24/7

Self-developed mobile/web system enables 1:1 online lessons

* Service available on PC and mobile. Only usable on mobile through the official app.

Book your lessons in real-time, pick your time, tutor, and materials

* Must book at least an hour before desired start time.

Choose your materials, from basic to advanced

* Print and view any materials in our library after booking a lesson.

Lessons can be customized based on your needs

* If you want to use your own material, upload them before the lesson starts.

What you will get

Our Service Includes

30 minutes 1:1 Lessons

Lessons with the native tutors that
fits your schedule and needs

840+ Practice Videos

Videos made from Chinese movies,
dramas and entertainment

Professional native tutors

High quality tutors trained in
Chinese language education

Free Learning Materials

Unlimited access to all materials
including textbooks and videos

Feedback after every lesson

Recommended: Five times a week
review for each class

Pre-study material

Prepare for your upcoming lesson
using textbook and video

AI Pronunciation Correction

Analyze pronunciation between
you and native speakers

Customized lessons

Classes to help you prepare for
interviews and presentations, etc

Don’t miss out these
amazing benefits!

How much will it cost?

Improve your Chinese for less than ☕

Private Chinese lesson cost per hour
Get 1:1 lessons with native tutors and
learning materials all for one price


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