Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains the way of treatment of the information which is

provided or collected in the websites on which this Policy is posted. In addition the Policy also

explains the information which is provided or collected in the course of using the applications

of the Company which exist in the websites or platforms of other company.


Through this Policy, the Company regards personal information of the users as important and

inform them of the purpose and method of Company's using the personal information

provided by the users and the measures taken by the Company for protection of those personal



This Policy will be effective on the fifth day of March, 2020 and, in case of modification thereof,

the Company will make public notice of it through posting it on the bulletin board of

Company's website or individual notice through sending e-mails.

1. Information to be collected and method of collection

(1) Personal information items to be collected

Personal information items to be collected by the Company are as follows:

The Company may collect the information directly provided by the users.



Besides of information directly provided by the users, the Company may collect information in

the course that the users use the service provided by the Company.



(2) Method of collection

The Company collects the information of users in a way of the followings:


2. Use of collected information

The Company uses the collected information of users for the following purposes:

by the users

other users to connect with you

based on statistical characteristics



The Company agrees that it will obtain consent from the users, if the Company desires to use

the information other than those expressly stated in this Policy.


3. Sharing collected information

Except for the following cases, the Company will not share personal information with a 3rd






- if required to be disclosed by the laws and regulations; or

- if required to be disclosed by the investigative agencies for detecting crimes in accordance with the procedure and method as prescribed in the laws and regulations


4. Cookies, Beacons and Similar Technologies

The Company may collect collective and impersonal information through 'cookies' or 'web


Cookies are very small text files to be sent to the browser of the users by the server used for

operation of the websites of the Company and will be stored in hard-disks of the users'


Web beacon is a small quantity of code which exists on the websites and e-mails. By using web

beacons, we may know whether a user has interacted with certain webs or the contents of


These functions are used for evaluating, improving services and setting-up users' experiences so

that much improved services can be provided by the Company to the users

The items of cookies to be collected by the Company and the purpose of such collection are as


strictly necessary cookies

during web browser session

Company while the Company changes the way of operating its website

performance cookies

anonymously feedback to the affiliated companies

improving website


The users have an option for cookie installation. So, they may either allow all cookies by setting

option in web browser, make each cookie checked whenever it is saved, or refuses all cookies to

be saved: Provided that, if the user rejects the installation of cookies, it may be difficult for that

user to use the parts of services provided by the Company.


5. Users' right to access and option

The users or their legal representatives, as main agents of the information, may exercise the

following options regarding the collection, use and sharing of personal information by the


If, in order to exercise the above options, you, as an user, use the menu of 'amendment of

member information of webpage or contact the Company by using representative telephone or

sending a document or e-mails, or using telephone to the responsible department (or person in

charge of management of personal information), the Company will take measures without

delay: Provided that the Company may reject the request of you only to the extent that there

exists either proper cause as prescribed in the laws or equivalent cause.


6. Security

The Company regards the security of personal information of uses as very important. The

company constructs the following security measures to protect the users' personal information

from any unauthorized access, release, use or modification

- Transmit users' personal information by using encrypted communication zone

- Store important information such as passwords after encrypting it

- Install a system in the zone the external access to which is controlled so as to prevent

leakage or damage of users' personal information by hacking or computer virus


7. Protection of personal information of children

In principle, the Company does not collect any information from the children under 13 or

equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction. The website, products

and services of the Company are the ones to be provided to ordinary people, in principle. The

website or application of the Company has function to do age limit so that children cannot use

it and the Company does not intentionally collect any personal information from children

through that function.


(Additional procedure for collecting personal information from children) However, if the

Company collects any personal information from children under 13 or equivalent minimum age

as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction for the services for unavoidable reason, the

Company will go through the additional procedure of the followings for protecting that

personal information of children:

of children or directly send the information of products and services of the Company

for children including the items, purpose and sharing of personal information collected

children/correction or deletion of personal information/temporary suspension of treatment of

personal information/ and request for withdrawal of their consent provided before

online activities


8. Modification of Privacy Protection Policy

The Company has the right to amend or modify this Policy from time to time and, in such case,

the Company will make a public notice of it through bulletin board of its website (or through

individual notice such as written document, fax or e-mail) and obtain consent from the users if

required by relevant laws.


9. Others

<1> Data transmission

Considering it engages in global businesses, the Company may provide the users' personal

information to the companies located in other countries for the purpose as expressly stated in

this Policy. For the places where the personal information is transmitted, retained or processed,

the Company takes reasonable measures for protecting that personal information.

(If used in the US, additional security measures may be available) In addition, when the personal

information obtained from the European Union is used or disclosed, the Company may have to

comply with safe harbor principle as required by the Commerce Department of USA, take other

measures or obtain consent from users so far as those complies with the regulations of EU so as

to use a standardized agreement provision approved by executing organizations of EU or

securing proper safe measures.


<2> 3rd party's sites and services

The website, product or service of the Company may include the links to the ones of a 3rd party

and the privacy protection policy of the site of 3rd party may be different. Thus, it is required for

the users to check additionally that policy of a 3rd party site linked to the site of the Company.


<3> Guide for users residing in California

If the user resides in California, certain rights may be given. The Company prepares preventive

measures necessary for protecting personal information of members so that the Company can

comply with online privacy protection laws of California.

In case of leakage of personal information, a user may request the Company to check the

leakage. In addition, all the users in the website of the Company, can modify their information

at any time by using the menu for changing information by connecting their personal account.

Moreover, the Company does not trace the visitors of its website nor use any signals for 'tracing

prevent'. The Company will not collect and provide any personal identification information

through ad services without consent of users.


<4> Guide for users residing in Korea

The Company guides several additional matters to be disclosed as required by the information

network laws and personal information protection laws in the Republic of Korea as follows: [Option to select 'guidelines for residents in Korea' in Appendix <10> of Personal Privacy Policy]


(1) Information collected

The items collected by the Company are as follows:



payment approval number




10. Responsible department of Company

The Company designates the following department and person in charge of personal

information in order to protect personal information of customers and deal with complaints

from customers:

Address : Gwanggyo-ro 145 The Next Generation Convergence Technology Research Institute, 10th floor of A-dong, Suwon city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel.: +82 070-8064-6721


The latest update date: 03-05, 2020

Terms and Coditions

Article 1 (Object)

The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, procedures and other necessary matters of the company and its members in using the Chinese language education platform ( including online content provided by Panpanchinese co.


Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)

The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:

"Service": all lessons and Chinese language education materials provided by the company

"Members" : A person who enters into a contract with the company to use "service" and uses the "service" provided by the company.

"Tutor (teacher)" : A person who provides language education to the members using the contents and services provided by the company through the company's website.

"Class Contents": Class contents are teaching materials provided by the company.

"Shadowing Content" : Shadowing Content is video learning content provided by the company.

"E-mail (ID)" : Internet mail account. The company uses "email" of "members" as its unique ID for identifying "members" and using "services" of "members"

"Passwords" : A combination of letters and numbers set by "members" to confirm that they are "members" consistent with the "ID" of "members" and to "members" to protect their own secrets.

"Manager" : Person selected by the company for overall management and smooth operation of "service"

"Lesson Credit(课程券)" : Can use in the one-to-one Chinese conversation lesson.

"Long-Term Credit": This means a credit with a duration of more than three months.


Article 3 (Validity and Amendment of Terms)

If the company revises the terms, the members will be notified via e-mail or WeChat official account registered by the "member" at least 7 days before the effective date.

If the "member" does not expressly refuse the change of the terms after notification of the amendment according to Article 3, the "member" is deemed to have agreed to the amendment. However, if the member does not agree to the changed terms, the member can stop using the service and terminate the contract.

"Member" must pay attention to the amendment of terms, and the company is not responsible for the damages of a "member" due to negligence regarding the amendment of terms.


Article 4 (Establishment of Contract)

The contract shall be established with the company's acceptance of the user's application for use and the agreement of the user with the terms and conditions.

Those who wish to join as a "member" and use the "service" must provide the personal information requested by the company.


Article 5 (Change of Contract Items)

"Members" can view and modify their personal information at any time. However, the e-mail (ID) necessary to manage the "service" cannot be modified.

"Members" shall make changes online or notify the company by e-mail or other method if there is any change after initial signup.

The company shall not be liable for any disadvantages caused by not notifying the company of changes.


Article 6 (Provision of Information and Notification of "Member")

The company may provide the "member" with a variety of information deemed necessary by the "member" during the use of the "service" by email, phone, or mail.


Article 7 (Obligations of Company)

The company shall be obliged to provide "services" continuously and reliably as defined in these terms.

If the opinion or complaint made by the "member" regarding the use of the service is reasonable, the company must handle it. In the case of comments or complaints raised by the "members", the company shall deliver the process and results to the "members" via chat consultation or e-mail.

The company shall have a security system to protect personal information (credit information protection) of "members" and shall not leak or distribute it to third parties without their consent. However, this doesn’t apply if there is a request from a national agency under the provisions of the law, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, or if there is a criminal investigation purpose, or at the request of the Korea Internet Safety Commission, or if there is a request pursuant to the procedures prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations.


Article 8 (Obligations of "Members")

The "member" must not do the following when using the "service".

1) Registration of false information during application or change

2) Stealing information from others

3) Infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights of the company and third parties

4) The act of damaging the reputation of the company and third parties or disrupting business

5) Obscenity or violent messages, videos, audio, blind accusations against other countries, or other behavior against the public order

6) Use the "service" for commercial purposes without the company's consent

7) Other illegal or unfair acts

"Member" may not take the following actions when using the service in class or through the chat window.

7-1) Behavior that interferes with class

7-2) Inducing illegal action of tutors

7-3) Speech, behavior, images, or texts of a sexual nature to tutors

7-4) Forcing the tutor into a specific religious or political orientation

7-5) Asking the tutors information about the company's employment conditions and systems

7-6) Providing tutors with information for transferring them to a competitor

7-7) Asking for tutor's personal information to contact them separately

7-8) Profanity or use of inappropriate words to tutors

7-9) Violating other laws and regulations or acts that harm morals

The “company” may decide whether to suspend or withdraw the “member” after reviewing whether the member took the prohibited actions described in the above provisions.

In the event of suspension or withdrawal due to the member's actions, the class pass of the member will be forcibly suspended and non-refundable. We may also take legal action if we determine that the cause of the violation is clear and serious.


Article 9 (Provision and Discontinuation of "Service")

In the event of maintenance, replacement, or failure of the system, such as a computer issue, loss of communication, or significant operational reasons, the "administrator" may arbitrarily suspend the provision of the "service" at a fixed date and time. In this case, "member" shall be notified in advance, in principle. However, if there is an unavoidable reason, notification can be sent afterwards.


Article 10 (Reservation and Execution of Class)

1) Members can cancel a booked class for a limited time set by the company after reserving a class.

2) If the class pass passes its expiration date, it will automatically expire. Refunds are not available for deleted or expired passes.

3) If the "member" is late for the class, there will be no make-up time. Classes shall start and end on time. However, if the tutor is late, the class will be held for 30 minutes (27 minutes call 3 minutes feedback) from the beginning of class.

4) If the tutor fails to attend a class reserved by the member, the member's class pass will be restored.

5) Class contents such as conversations with a member who uses the service may be recorded for the purpose of [service]. Members who do not wish to record must declare their intention to refuse, in accordance with the method specified by the company on the company’s site. 


Article 11 (Lesson credit Policy)

1) The lesson credit that expired will become automatically invalid.


Article 12 (Refund Policy)

We provide refunds for the lesson credits after we calculate the refundable amount based on our following calculation system:

① Before 1/3 of the effective period for the lessons passes, Refunds provided to 2/3 of the credit after deducting the amount already used.

② Before 1/2 of the effective period for the lessons passes, Refunds provided to 1/2 of the credit after deducting the amount already used.

③ After 1/2 of the effective period for the lessons passed: Non-refundable

* The effective period of the entire lesson credits is applicable per month. In the case of a lesson credit whose period of lessons is at least one month, the lessons are provided per month, and after the specific months passes, the effective period of such a credit will be deemed to have passed.

*The price of a used lesson credit will be calculated based on the price before the discount has been applied.


Article 13 (Copyright and Restrictions on Use)

Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the contents created by the company belong to the company.

Members shall not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use any information for which intellectual property rights belong to the company while using the company for commercial purposes or make it available to third parties without the company's prior consent.

The copyright of materials and data resulting from classes and services belongs to both the company and members. The company has the right to use such data/materials for research and product development purposes. With the consent of the members, or for free functions, the result can be used for marketing and promotion purposes.


Article 14 (Termination of Contract and Restriction on Use of "Service")

When the "member" wishes to terminate the contract, the "member" must apply for termination online to the company.


Article 15 (Compensation for Damage)

The company shall not be liable for any damages of the "member" in connection with the use of any free "service".


Article 16 (Disclaimer)

The company shall be exempted from responsibility for providing "service" if it cannot provide "service" due to natural disasters or similar force majeure.

The company shall not be liable for any obstacles to the use of the "service" due to the fault of the “member”.

The company shall not be liable for the contents of the information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. provided by the "member" by the "service".


Article 17 (Competent Court)

If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the "service", the court governing the location of the headquarters of the company shall be the competent court.